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Liberal arts degrees are still popular with college students. Last year's statistics indicate that liberal arts degree programs are admitting more students than ever before.

Students taking an exam during the fall semesterUnlike other college majors such as engineering or accounting that teach career-specific, technical skills to prepare students for specific careers, liberal arts degrees have a broader scope and strive to produce well-rounded graduates who can pursue a wide range of careers. Additionally, many employers are now shifting their hiring focus to where they may prefer to hire candidates who have both hard and soft skills. Strong communication capabilities, creative thinking, interpersonal and problem solving skills are highly sought after in today's job market.

Liberal arts degrees cover a wide range of studies. Students can choose to major in areas such as languages, literature, history, anthropology, political science, communications, sociology or philosophy, these types of programs often being referred to as humanities or liberal sciences.

Associate's Degree
High school graduates who wish to enroll for liberal arts degrees can start at the associate degree or undergraduate degree level. The associate degree is a two-year program that introduces subjects including literature, psychology, philosophy and sociology. The training at this level aims to develop critical thinking and logic.

A high school diploma or a GED certificate is a basic requirement for enrollment, with ACT or SAT scores sometimes needed. The first year of study covers general topics, and the courses become slightly more specific in the second year, covering topics such as English, music, philosophy, math, art history, psychology, history and geography.

Upon graduation, students can make use of the skills gained to work in a variety of entry-level positions. Graduates have better chances of landing good jobs by developing their skills and learning to sell them to potential employers. Internships, taking up volunteer jobs and leadership roles in college help to make graduates more attractive to employers. Many students earn their associate's degree at a community college and then transfer to a more expensive four-year college to complete their undergraduate degree.

Bachelor's Degree
A bachelor's degree in the liberal arts includes more in-depth study. Once you enroll for in an undergraduate degree program, your career advisor will help you choose elective courses that reflect your interests and career goals. The courses teach students analytical, researching, writing and presentation skills while they learn more about their selected field of study. Like at the associate's degree schools, the prerequisites for enrolling into most colleges are a high school diploma or GED, a history of good grades, and a good score on the SAT or ACT exam.

The ability for liberal arts graduates to identify their skills and then demonstrate to potential employers how those skills can be applied to a specific job is critical when job hunting. The career possibilities for liberal arts graduates are endless.

On average, holders of liberal arts degrees start at a lower level of pay in their first job than do graduates of more specific or technical degrees do, but their earning potential improves as they gain work experience and job skills.

Many liberal arts graduates eventually go on to earn advanced degrees in either their same field of study or in other graduate programs such as medicine, law or business.

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